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Align IT with Business goals

You know where you want your business to be, but the cost of IT can put a brake on growth. At ENLO LTD we look at what you already have, we then share your business vision and marry the two. Make your IT work for you not against you.



Realize what you Visualize

The idea is there, the drive is there but what is missing is the time and learning curve to make the idea tangible. At ENLO LTD the barriers are broken down to help you see, feel and show your ideas in working examples. PostIT note sketch to product has never been easier.



Cad-Monkey with animated flair

All you need is that company that can take the conceptual sketches and turn them into the drawings and animations you need. At ENLO LTD we do just that, from full CAD drawings to 3D visualisation.


What We Do?

We have three distinct disciplines; IT, CAD and Animation. 20 years of combined experience in these fields spawned ENLO LTD. Our Aim is to Help, Create and Wow clients to ensure they achieve their end goals.

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IT Consulting

Line-up your IT strategy to your Business plan.

Small Businesses with big plans can not always afford a dedicated IT Manager. With our one to one sessions we will look at your existing infrastructure and use it to its full capability. New investments are not always the answer.

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CAD/CAM drawings & 3D Printing

Visualize your ideas and concepts

Great ideas dont start off as a fully working product by sprinkling magic dust on a table. We sit with Small Businesses, and create the concepts in 3D, then we print them out.

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2D/3D Animation

Flat or Fat animations

From promotion animations to Apps start-up splash screens, the imagination holds no bounds. Let us bring your concepts to life in either 2D flat animation or full 3D immersive worlds.

Who We Are?

We are a company with a passion for that we do. We are the IT Manager you can afford. We are the CAD designer that gets the job done. We are the Animator that makes pictures truly move.

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Leon Swanepoel


The mind is like a parachute, it works best when open...(Zapps)

About Us

ENLO LTD is the brainchild of Leon Swanepoel way back in 2007.

Seeing how technology has been used over the past two decades has given us an insight into our fields of expertise. Yes new things come out all the time, but if you keep your ear to the ground you start to notice the patterns of technology; what we like to call 'Cyclical Technology'


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